What is Premium TPE?

Premium TPE – thermoplastic elastomers – is a new type of plastic that is safe. This high-quality material was developed with the goal of creating a material that resembles real human skin as closely as possible. A realistic sex doll made from Premium TPE feels very soft yet firm. With every touch of your realistic sex doll you will be amazed by her silky-smooth skin. The Premium TPE that we use in the production of our high-quality love dolls conforms to strict regulations and we ensure that these guidelines are met by performing regular quality checks.

What does a love doll feel like?

The soft, silky-smooth skin of our love dolls is very similar to the skin of a real human. Telling a difference between the real deal and our dolls is very difficult. The openings of our love dolls – oral, vaginal and anal – do not only look incredibly realistic but also feel just as real. The oral opening is 13 cm, the vaginal opening is 18 cm and the anal opening is 17 cm deep.

How do I clean my love doll?

Taking proper care of your love doll can extend her life drastically. Cleaning your doll thoroughly also ensures that she is clean and free from any bacteria. Taking care of your love doll is not complicated at all if you use the right products. A love doll should be cleaned thoroughly after each use. To clean your love doll simply use lukewarm water and a little bit of mild soap or alternatively a sex toy cleaner. In order for you to make sure all openings are one hundred per cent clean, we recommend using a vaginal douche that can also be used for all other openings. Once your doll is clean, simply airdry her. After she is fully dry, apply some latex powder to keep her skin silky-smooth.

Is there anything else I need to keep in mind?

In order for you to not damage the high-quality Premium TPE your love doll is made from, please make sure to only use water-based lubes. Other types of lube will damage and break down the Premium TPE over time.

We recommend using condoms when you are having sex with your love doll. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, cleaning your doll after sex is much easier and secondly, the chance of bacteria forming inside your love doll is lower since the cleaning is much more thorough.

Feel free to take a shower or bath with your realistic sex doll but make sure to not submerge her head under water.